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GuangZhou Computer Service Center is a ten years old brand which be created by technical and professional services to build the heart of IT outsourcing services from GuangZhou Qianlong Electronics Technology Co., Ltd..

GuangZhou Qianlong was a department from Institute of China Electronics Technology Group VII, get as a backup from R & D Institute of Communications,since its inception has been to force in Guangzhou IT outsourcing services and projects focusing on integrated network of company.

The company now has a network of system integration project department, ITO Technology operation and maintenance services and integrated marketing services such as three service  projects.Company provide services for Guangzhou IT outsourcing services including computer maintenance, network maintenance, network engineering, and information integrity solutions.

As the former from the Ministry of Information VII,We have issued by the Ministry of Construction of electronic system design and network engineering certificate,Guangzhou IT outsourcing technology and network engineering construction enterprise qualification certificate,and with the State Planning Commission issued a Class A network system engineering consulting qualification.

We have been committed to the field of information technology services,goal is to provide customers with the most professional, most efficient, most thoughtful and IT outsourcing services in Guangzhou, Guangzhou and other information solutions, network engineering, technical team with a professional and efficient response mechanism to serve the large enterprise network! Guangzhou Computer Service Center has a team player, dedicated technical team;

In Guangzhou, with dozens of excellent skilled engineers.Our technical strength to provide technical support for you at any time, we are always ready to serve you well prepared!

Solidarity, responsibility and dedication, passion and innovation - is the purpose of our company, we introduced each of the services are in line with the principle of customer first!Every step forward, are fully reflected on the customer's respect and care.


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